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UQ - Princeton University Study Abroad Intensive Research Program

UQ Psychology Princeton University Co-ordinator

Picture of 'Professor Nancy A. Pachana'
Professor Nancy A. Pachana
Room: SS-324
Phone: +617 3365 6832

About the Program

Welcome to the UQ Psychology - Princeton University Study Abroad Intensive Research program. No doubt you have already been in touch with Professor Pachana, but please plan to make contact with her as soon as you arrive on campus.

As part of the program, you will be working jointly with a member of faculty from the School of Psychology on your JP thesis. You should make contact with your supervisor as soon as possible after your arrival to get up to speed on your project. You should meet with your supervisor regularly to ensure that your JP is on track.

The program also includes weekly attendance at the UQ Psychology Scholar Seminar Series. The seminar series includes presentations (or discussions) of current research by Faculty, visiting scholars, and guests of the Faculty. The presentations include a light lunch, and run for roughly an hour including 15 minutes for questions and discussion. You're required to attend each of these presentations. They are scheduled every Wednesday from 12-1pm, so don't organise classes at this time.

Please touch base with Dr Jason Tangen, co-ordinator of the seminar series, so that you are aware of the schedule.

More Information

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