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The School of Psychology at UQ is the home of high quality research.


Scientific American Mind Article

Scientific American Mind Article
Professor Alex Haslam argues that 'groups play an essential role in creativity'

Top Publications

Increased moral sensitivity for outgroup perpetrators harming ingroup members

Molenberghs, P., et al., Cerebral Cortex
doi 10.1093/cercor/bhu195 (2014)

Trait resilience fosters adaptive coping when control opportunities are high

Parker, S. L., et al., Journal of Business and Psychology
Online First.
Research Centres and Groups

Research Centres and Groups

The School of Psychology has a number of world class research centres and groups. Find out more about the various areas of psychology where our staff work together to foster a culture of research and research training.
Stacey Parker

Featured Researcher

Stacey Parker

Dr Stacey Parker investigates the limitations of work control as a tool for stress-reduction

Groups 4 Health

Featured Project

Groups 4 Health

Want to improve your health and expand your social world? If you are concerned with low mood, nervousness, or feeling isolated, and you are interested in developing new relationships, then the FREE workshop Groups 4 Health might be for you!


Head of School, Professor  Bill von Hippel talks about the science behind love and lust.

Is Love Blind?

Head of School, Professor Bill von Hippel talks about the science behind love and lust.
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