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Tutor Excellence Award


Established in 2001 to recognise the essential contribution and professionalism of tutorial staff within the school.


The tutor must be in their third semester of tutoring or beyond. Nomination will be based on a sustained high commitment to tutoring, which may be reflected in: Conscientiousness with respect to tutorial preparation, marking and availability to students; Initiative and enthusiasm in course tutorial meetings; Informal feedback from students. Tutors can only be awarded once.


$80 book voucher and Certificate.


Email forwarded to all academics in October to nominate tutors with a statement as to how the tutors meets eligibility. All nominees contacted and requested to provide statement of support for nomination. All nominees considered by T & L commitees and winners determined.


Lunch hosted for all tutors and Coordinators in December for presentation.


2011 Winners:
  • Faye Nitschke
  • James Retell
  • Jessica O'Reilly
  • Katherine Williams
  • Kristy Sippel
  • Leander Mitchell
  • Matthew B. Thompson
  • Megan Wheeler
  • Richard Wellauer
  • Wee Hong Tan
  • Wen Wu
2010 Winners:
  • Bronwyn May Massavelli
  • Erin Wolfe
  • Jessica Irons
  • Karen Anne O'Brien
  • Karen Hoi Yan Li
  • Katherine Greenaway
  • Kirsty Maree Nicholls
  • Michael Noetel
  • Nicholas Webb
  • Rachel McDonald
  • Sarah Forbes
  • Sashenka Milston
  • Terence Lu
2009 Winners:
  • Brenda Ocampo
  • Claire Chandler
  • Emma Antrobus
  • Jasmine Loo
  • Jenny Liao
  • Jessica Lee
  • Julia Ferragamo
  • Kristy McLean
  • Megan Preece
  • Michael Ireland
  • Michael Philipp
  • Richard Ronay
  • Rowena Brown
  • Sakinah Alhadad
  • Stephanie Goodhew
2008 Winners:
  • Catherine Hynes
  • Christina Mackay
  • Crystal Crawford
  • David Butler
  • Jasmine Rijnbout
  • Jessica Paynter
  • Marc Chan
  • Mark Howarth
  • Nakeeta Sturgess
  • Samantha Howard
  • Stacey Parker
  • Theresa Scott
2007 Winners:
  • Elizabeth Puhakka
  • Fiona Kate Barlow
  • Judith Planitz
  • Koa Whittingham
  • Lucia Tai
  • Melissa Johnstone
  • Michelle Tucker
  • Nicole Erlich
  • Phillipa Diedrichs
  • Raziye Salari
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