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Postgraduate Student Research Excellence Award


To be eligible for a Postgraduate Student Research Excellence Award, applicants must:

  • be enrolled part-time or full-time in a postgraduate degree in the School of Psychology (UQ);
  • be the first author on at least one paper submitted for consideration (note that additional papers on which the applicant is not first author will also be considered);
  • be currently “in load”, OR have submitted their thesis while “in load” and applied for the Prize before their degree is conferred

The paper(s) submitted for consideration should: have been published or be “in press” (i.e., fully accepted, with no further revisions) in an international, peer-reviewed journal; mention the School of Psychology and The University of Queensland in the byline.

Students who receive the First Prize are not eligible to apply to the scheme again. Runners-up may apply again in subsequent years provided that the submitted portfolio includes at least one new paper that was not part of the previous application

School reserves the right not to award prizes in a given year if no submissions of sufficient quality are received.


Each year the School will offer one First Prize and up to three Runner-Up Prizes:

  1. First Prize: Certificate of Recognition and a book voucher to the value of $200.
  2. Runner-Up Prizes: Certificate of Recognition and a book voucher to the value of $50.

Nominations: Supervisors are expected to discuss potential applications with their postgraduate students, and to forward nominations where appropriate. Students are also strongly encouraged to nominate themselves and one another.

Selection Procedure: Submitted publications will be considered by an Awards Subcommittee, which will consist of members of academic staff of the School of Psychology and a postgraduate student representative. (Note that to be eligible to be a student representative on the Subcommittee an individual must not have an application under consideration in that round.)


Ceremony hosted by Deputy Head (Research) including a seminar presentation during UQ research week. School to cater function.


2012 Winner:
  • Dana Schneider
2011 Winner:
  • Katie Greenaway
2010 Winner:
  • Karin Verweij
2009 Winner:
  • Thomas S.A. Wallis
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