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Donald Tugby Prize in the Psychology of Peace


Established in 2011 and maintained by the income of an endowment gift of $23,000 from Dr Donald Tugby, who taught at The University of Queensland from 1958 to 1986. Dr Tugby‘s career began teaching anthropology, social psychology, and sociology within the Department of Psychology under Don McElwain. Dr. Tugby also served as the State Convenor of Psychologists for Peace until 2009.


(a) Head, School of Psychology, on advice from staff researching and/or teaching in the field of peace psychology.

(b) Students –

  • (i) who completed one of the following programs in the year of award – (A) Bachelor of Arts (Honours), in the field of psychology; (B) Bachelor of Science (Honours), in the field of psychology; (C) Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours); and
  • (ii) who submitted a thesis on a topic related to the psychology of peace, defined to include topics such as the following – (A) peace and social harmony between groups, couples, and individuals; (B) conflict resolution and escalation; (C) prejudice and reconciliation; (D) social justice; (E) positive social change; and
  • (iii) whose thesis takes a positive approach to creating peace; and
  • (iv) who obtained first class for their honours thesis.

(c) Highest overall mark for honours thesis.



1,000 and a School of Psychology certificate.


2011 Winner:
  • Michael Thai
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