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Featured Course - Parenting and Family Psychology (PSYC3312)

Dr Alina Morawska explores with students how parents and families are so influential in contributing to who we are as individuals.

Parenting and Family Psychology (PSYC3312)

Why should you take this course?

We are all influenced by our parents and our families, and things in our early environment contribute to who we are. So if you want to know more about what has influenced you, or are planning to do further study or work in this area this is a great foundational course.

The course explores key theories and models of the development of parenting and family interactions, as well as different family structures and functions. We also look at functional and dysfunctional family relationships and behaviours, parenting practices, and effective ways to assess such interactions. Finally, the course also touches on applications of developmental models to intervention and clinical applications, and the role of parenting interventions in the prevention and management of social, emotional, behavioural and health problems. 

What will you learn?

All of the lecturers in the course are currently researchers and clinicians working in the parenting and family areas, so they are experts in the field. This course will help you to:

  • Understand and explain the key theories of parenting and family development.
  • Distinguish between functional and dysfunctional family interaction patterns, and describe how these develop.
  • Apply a variety of assessment tools and instruments to the evaluation of family interactions.
  • Describe how parenting and the family environment contribute to lifelong adjustment.
  • Understand the evidence base for parenting and family interventions within a developmental and public health framework.

What do students typically like about this course?

Students really like that the course is delivered by a range of lecturers, all with very specific expertise. Its also quite a practical course, with lots of activities and assessments geared to develop specific skills, such as being competent at using observational coding protocols when observing a family interaction.

What do I like about teaching this course?

I like sharing my enthusiasm about children and the role of parents and the family in development, especially in the context of how prevention and early intervention can help to move children and families off negative pathways. This course gives me the chance to link my teaching to my research and clinical practice. I also like seeing students become quite passionate about this area and become actively involved in the research work I do.

More information:

PSYC3312: Parenting and Family Psychology

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