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Featured Course - Behavioural Family Intervention (PSYC7052)

Associate Professor Kate Sofronoff teaches a skills-based course for clinical psychology practice

Behavioural Family Intervention (PSYC7052)

Why should you take this course?

This course is a requirement for the postgraduate clinical program.

What will you learn?

This course provides advanced level training in the application of evidence-based parenting and family intervention strategies for families with a child with special needs as well as for families with a typically developing child. The course involves a mixture of didactic lectures, video demonstrations, exercises and clinical problem-solving. Students also have access to a series of clinical skills workshops to assist in gaining competency in basic skills. Students who successfully complete the course are eligible for accreditation as a Triple P Provider in Stepping Stones Triple P (for parents of a child with a disability) and Standard Triple P (Level 4).

What do students typically like about this course?

Students typically like the very practical skills-based approach of the course that provides them with the necessary tools to see clients and manage family interventions.

What do I like teaching about this course?

I enjoy working with psychologists who are starting their training and providing them with an evidence-based approach that will facilitate good practice. Teaching this course also allows me share some of the research that I do with families with a child with a developmental disability. There is a clear overlap here between the research and the practice and this is especially valuable for clinical psychologists to experience in training.

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