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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 27th October 2006

This Friday November 27th @ 3pm in Room 302 the social psychology seminar series continues with two confirmation talks by Reneé Zande and Ning Xiang.
Reneé Zande's confirmation talk is entitled "Maintaining the status quo through sexism against men".
Ning Xiang's presentation is entitled "How can middle managers lead effectively? The challenge of being anti-normative leaders" (abstract below).
Following the seminar this Friday, the social psych seminar series continues November 10th with an interdisciplinary panel discussing "Generating Effective Social Change" from 3-5pm.
Ning Xiang, School of Psychology, University of Queensland.
How can middle managers lead effectively? The challenge of being anti-normative leaders
Middle managers serve as a good example in that they are likely to be perceived as deviants while they are trying to lead the group towards the direction mandated by the superior management in organizations. One of the critical problems that many leaders confront is how to move their group towards a new direction, specifically, towards the norms of an opposing group. The proposed program of research will draw on the subjective group dynamics model from a social identity perspective, as well as the group engagement model from the organisational justice literature, to explore how middle managers can lead effectively when they are perceived as deviant group members. Specifically, this program of research proposes that interactional justice may facilitate leadership endorsement via the mediating effect of enhancing respect. A series of experiments will be conducted in the laboratory to examine: (1) the impact of imposed vs. emergent deviant leaders; (2) the influence of the relationship between the focal group and the authority who appoints the deviant leader to the group; (3) the impact of interactional justice on favourability and prototypicality of the deviant

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