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Org Psych Seminar

Org Psych Seminar
Wednesday, 1st November 2006

There will be an Organisational Psychology Seminar next week with a presentation by Kirsten Way. As part of the PhD confirmation process, Kirsten will be presenting her progress to date on the topic of task and relationship conflict in the workplace. Her program of research is supervised by both myself and Associate Professor Prashant Bordia.
The seminar will be held on the 1st of November at 3pm in Room 317.

Organisational-Level Responses to Conflict Stress:
Predictive effects of response type and justice climate on employee health and organisational effectiveness
This program of research aims to investigate organisational, or system-level responses, to conflict at work by drawing on the areas of occupational stress, conflict management, and organisational justice. A typology of organisational responses to conflict is proposed, and it is suggested that response types will have differential effects on workers' levels of physiological strain, psychological strain, job dissatisfaction, and subsequent indicators of organisational effectiveness (e.g., absenteeism, turnover, and compensation claims). Within this typology, there is a specific focus on the key role of the supervisor as the individual who implements these organisational responses to conflict. Specifically, organisational responses are proposed to fall into one of four categories of behaviours at the supervisory level: (1) the identification of conflict within workgroups; (2) assessment of the severity of the conflict; (3) action taken by the supervisor at one of three levels; and, lastly, (4) conflict handling style. It is proposed that these supervisory behaviours will be perceived by employees as more or less "just" than others, and that this perceived justice will buffer the effect of conflict on both employee and organisational outcomes. This presentation will describe a series of three studies that aims to test these relationships through analyses

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