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School Seminar Series Finale for 2006

School Seminar Series Finale for 2006
Friday, 17th November 2006

The last scheduled seminar in the School of Psychology seminar series will be on Friday 17th November. The seminar will be given by Dr. Alex Holcombe from the University of Sydney (details below). The seminar will start at 3pm in room 302 of the psychology building.

Dr. Alex Holcombe (University of Sydney)
Visual feature binding via high-level scooping
Visual feature binding is one instance of a general issue in neuroscience - how the brain ties together information represented by different neural populations. Some assume that when we view an object, binding works like a zipper, linking temporally corresponding feature-selective activity to give us a unified percept of the object's features. Here, in the context of color and motion, I present psychophysical evidence against the zipper theory and against differential latencies for features. Binding for explicit perception in these experiments occur when a process like attention accesses the two features independently and with coarse temporal resolution. Instead of working like a zipper, binding is like a scoop reaching down from late, non-retinotopic

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