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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 9th March 2007

The social psychology seminar series begins again this Friday March 9th at 3pm in room 302-3. Tanya Strub, who is working with Blake McKimmie, will present her confirmation talk on "An investigation of note taking during criminal trials as a means of reducing jurors' reliance on stereotypes for decision-making" from 3-3:30 pm (abstract below). I hope social psychologically minded people will attend the seminar, both to give Tanya support & useful feedback on her project, & to enjoy the post-talk drinks & nibblies.
Following Tanya's presentation, the social psych series continues on Friday March 23rd with a talk by Professor Michael Wesley (Director, Griffith Asia Institute) on "Fear and Democracy: Reactions to Terrorism and Government Responses".
Tanya Strub -- An investigation of note taking during criminal trials as a means of reducing jurors' reliance on stereotypes for decision-making
Previous research has found that taking notes during a trial increases the quantity of trial information jurors can accurately recall. As such, this literature has concluded that note taking jurors are likely to make better decisions than their non-note taking counterparts. However, the majority of this research has been conducted within a civil context and therefore fails to consider the decision-making tasks facing jurors in criminal cases. Jurors in criminal trials are often encouraged to consider the truthfulness of testimony presented by both lay and expert witnesses, to evaluate the meaning and implication of numerous pieces of physical evidence in the context of the criminal behaviour, and to form a general impression of the defendant on the basis of personality traits and characteristics. Such decisional tasks require jurors to do more than just recall and comprehend the evidence presented, rather they must also elaborate on and evaluate the evidence in the context of their final

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