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Org Psych Seminar Series

Org Psych Seminar Series
Tuesday, 13th March 2007

Please note a revised room location for the Organizational Psychology Seminars as shown below. The seminars are now no longer in the Psychology building but are in the Seddon building.
Seminars planned for this semester are:
Tuesday 13th March 2007 - 3 PM - Martin Edwards "A dual model of Organisational Identification: Levels of identification, levels of antecedents, levels of work outcomes and the role of Perceived Organisational Support"
Tuesday 20th March 2007 - 2 PM - A series of short PhD Confirmation Presentations - Titles to be announced (please note 2PM start time)
All talks are now in:
82D 101
Seddon Building
University of Queensland
Download map at:

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