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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Wednesday, 18th April 2007

There will be 2 out-of-schedule seminars next week. We will have a seminar next Wednesday April 18 at 3pm in room 306 of the psychology building by Dr Krisztina Zimanyi (Dublin City University) on "Interpreting in mental health care: An Irish case study" and a seminar next Friday April 20 at 2pm in room 302 of the psychology building by Professor Don Strassberg (University of Utah) on "Viewing Time as an Objective Measure of Sexual Interest". Abstracts are included below.

Krisztina Zimanyi (Dublin City University)
Interpreting in mental health care: An Irish case study
Cross-cultural adaptation often leads to mental health problems among immigrants, among long-term settlers in particular. Apart from everyday logistics, these newcomers also have to cope with social isolation, low self-esteem, and feelings of frustration or depression. Some need special assistance when recovering from torture, mental or physical abuse suffered in their home environment. This applies to the unprecedented influx of immigrants who have arrived in Ireland for the past ten years from an extreme diversity of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. An ever-increasing proportion of these settlers now avails of mental health care services.
Lacking the sufficient level of proficiency in the language of interaction, they need an interpreter to communicate. This multilingual therapeutic environment provides a clearly defined scope for research where issues of interpersonal communication, translation ethics and information dissemination are amplified. The numerous interpreters who come from an immigrant background and have to negotiate not only between the two communicators but also have to negotiate their own role as interpreters in the process offer a focus for investigation.
International researchers in community interpreting have come to a view that interpreters do not only facilitate communication, but also become

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