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Psychonomic Seminar Series

Psychonomic Seminar Series
Friday, 20th April 2007

The School of Psychology proudly presents:
The Psychonomic Seminar Series 2007
"Sucking the oyster of truth out of the shell of knowledge while avoiding choking on the pearl of ignorance"
This Friday at 3pm in Room 304, Psychology, we are very pleased and privileged to welcome the magnificent Dr Phil Grove, who has been described as what the drummer in Def Leppard would have been like if he had possessed three arms. Phil joined the School as a lecturer last year and has since taken PSYC1040 by storm. He will be presenting a forthcoming conference paper which promises to deliver a state of euphoria to listeners that is equivalent to ten years constant and dedicated meditation (or about ten seconds of illegal narcotics).
"Occlusion and stereoscopic depth perception"
Due to the fact that our eyes are horizontally separated in our heads, each eye gets a slightly different view of the world such that objects at different distances from us project corresponding images that fall on slightly different positions in the two eyes. These positional differences are called binocular disparities and are the basis of stereoscopic depth perception. Recently, however, it has become evident that stereoscopic vision is not only a matter of finding matching components in the two images and assigning disparity to those matches. In the normal environment surfaces at different depths frequently occlude one another with regions on the more distant objects differentially visible to the two eyes. In addition, occlusion can also result in ambiguous horizontal disparities and vertical image differences in the two eyes even in the absence of a clearly visible occluding object. These horizontal and vertical image differences and their interpretation are the concern of my talk. Specifically, I will enumerate and evaluate sources of information available to the visual system to disambiguate horizontal disparities, arising at depth

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