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Psychonomics Seminar

Psychonomics Seminar
Friday, 1st October 2004

The School of Psychology, University of Queensland is proud to present:
"Driving the science bulldozer through the poverty-stricken shanty town
of ignorance to make way for the luxury property development of
The Psychonomic Seminar Series is pleased to welcome the inestimable Dr
Shayne Loft to talk about his ground-breaking research into memory.
Shayne is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Key Centre downstairs
and is extremely clever indeed. We have reason to believe his cleverness
will reach an unprecedented peak at 3pm this coming Friday 1st October
in room 305 (note room change) – an event which only those lacking in
such cleverness would be foolish enough to miss.
"Remembering to do things in the future interferes with the present"
Future dates:
Friday 15th October Rian Dob ‘Psychological and neuropsychological
effects of traumatic brain injury in children’
Friday 29th October Janie Busby "Investigations into the development
of mental time travel in children”

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