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Psychonomic Seminar Series

Psychonomic Seminar Series
Friday, 4th May 2007

The School of Psychology proudly presents:
The Psychonomic Seminar Series 2007
"Flattening the sultana of ignorance with the meteorite of empiricism"
This Friday, at 3pm in room 304, Brendan Zietsch will talk about:
"The genetics of personality and its correlates"
Abstract: Using data from identical and non-identical twins, we can estimate the extent to which genes and environment influence our personality. We can also investigate how the genetic and/or environmental factors which influence personality also influence related traits, such as depression and anxiety. Furthermore, when genotypes of the twins are available we have the potential to locate specific genes that influence the traits. In this talk I will present
1. a background on the relevant genetic research on personality and depression/anxiety,
2. a basic overview of the statistical techniques and twin samples used,
3. the specific research goals of my PhD, and 4. a brief description of my completed research on the genetics of EEG power, an endophenotype for personality.
Autobiography: In 2003 I completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours at UQ, and then spent the next couple of years working as a Research Assistant investigating comparative cortical anatomy. In 2006 I began a PhD enrolled through the UQ School of Psychology but based at the Genetic Epidemiology unit at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

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