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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Friday, 11th May 2007

Just a reminder that Professor Roger Remington will be giving a school seminar on Friday 11th May at 3pm in room 302 of the psychology building. Roger's talk will be on:
Involuntary orienting: An examination of systems underlying attentional and oculomotor capture
The presentation of an external stimulus can involuntary shift attention or eye fixation to its location, referred to as attentional and oculomotor capture respectively. Oculomotor capture is widely thought to be a corollary of attentional capture, and the observation of oculomotor capture has been used to demonstrate the ability of certain stimuli to capture attention involuntarily. However, studies have shown that certain stimuli effective in capturing attention are not effective in capturing the eyes. Here we show the reverse, cases where the eyes are captured by a stimulus with no evidence of that stimulus having been attended. I argue that this pattern of results can be understood in terms of two interacting brain systems, one associated with the bottom-up orienting of the eyes, the other with top-down-mediated orienting of the attention system. I discuss the empirical evidence for distinguishing these systems, and how they reconcile empirical and theoretical controversies in attentional and oculomotor capture.

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