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Psychonomic Seminar Series

Psychonomic Seminar Series
Friday, 18th May 2007

The School of Psychology proudly presents:
The Psychonomic Seminar Series 2007
"Writing the memoirs of truth using the leaky biro of science on the moist toilet paper of history"
This Friday, at 3pm in room 304, Shelley Wilkinson will talk about:
"The Pregnancy Pocketbook – the effectiveness of a woman-held record for improving health behaviours during pregnancy". Only people who were born following a period of gestation are allowed to attend.
This research attempts to develop, implement, and evaluate a woman-held pregnancy health record (The ‘Pregnancy Pocketbook’) to improve smoking cessation, levels of fruit and vegetable consumption, and physical activity during pregnancy.
Smoking, fruit and vegetable intake, and levels of physical activity during pregnancy are associated with pregnancy-related and longer-term health outcomes for both mothers and infants. Pregnancy is an important and ideal time in a woman's life to implement health behaviour changes – the majority of women are in contact with the health service for antenatal care and women are more receptive to health messages during pregnancy. One avenue to reach most, if not all women, is via the pregnancy health records (usual care) provided by maternity health services that women carry for the duration of their pregnancy. There has been previous interest in the behaviour change potential of these records. However, to date, none of the pregnancy health records used in Australia have incorporated strategies to facilitate behaviour change.
The Pregnancy Pocketbook’s development has been informed by formative research, evidence on behaviours that influence maternal and infant pregnancy health outcomes, the use of print material in health education, theory to support behaviour change, and usability testing within the target group. This women-focused, women-owned resource will be a companion to obstetric documentation for usual care that

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