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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Wednesday, 30th May 2007

This Wednesday May 30th at 3pm in room in Rm 306 there will be an out of sequence social psych seminar by Prof. Dan Druckman, a visiting social psychologist from the US who is working at the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. Dan's talk is titled "Onstage, or Behind the Scenes? Relative Learning Benefits of Simulation Role-Play and Design" (abstract below).
On Friday June 1st the social seminars will conclude for the semester with a presentation by Professor Bill von Hippel at 3pm in rm 302 (title TBA).
Onstage, or Behind the Scenes? Relative Learning Benefits of Simulation Role-Play and Design
Professor Dan Druckman
In this paper, we report the results of two experiments that explored hypotheses about the relative learning advantages of role-play and scenario design. The experiments were conducted with similar student populations in Australia and in Israel. They were designed to address four hypotheses: a) The design process enhances concept learning more than role-playing; b) design increases understanding (more than role-playing) of the way the concepts relate to each other; c) the design experience results in enhanced short-term concept learning, but role players may retain the learning over time as well as designers. Earlier research also suggests the hypothesis that: d) Role-playing enhances motivation and interest. Less clear, however, is whether the role-play experience produces more long-term retention of the material or more motivation than does a design experience. Using a matched-pairs design, participants were randomly assigned to design and role-play conditions. They worked on their tasks following an hour-long lecture on three negotiation concepts: alternatives, time pressure, and negotiating power. A lecture-only control group was implemented in the Australian experiment. The interesting results will be presented and discussed at the social-psychology seminar on May 30.

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