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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 1st June 2007

Just a reminder that Prof Bill von Hippel will be presenting as part of the social psych seminar series this Friday (1st June), 3pm in Rm 302.
He'll be talking about "Ageing, executive functioning, and social control" ... his abstract is copied below.
Ageing, executive functioning, and social control
"Ageing is associated with deficits in executive functioning, which includes tasks such as planning and controlling thought and action. Because successful social behaviour often requires executive control, ageing can lead to unintended social changes via deficits in executive functions. In this talk I review evidence that ageing leads to increased prejudice, social inappropriateness, depression, and problem gambling due to losses in executive control. I then discuss theory and research suggesting possible interventions that might ameliorate unwanted social changes brought about by executive decline."

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