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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Friday, 20th July 2007

The School Seminar Series for semester 2 will kick off with a special pre-season seminar this Friday 20th July by Dr Michael Peters from the University of Guelph (title and abstract below). The seminar will start at 3pm in * room 304 * (note the room change) of the psychology building.
Sex differences in spatial performance (mental rotation)
Contrary to the statements that proliferate in psychology textbooks, the general claim that males excel over females in spatial ability is rather too categorical to be useful. What is true is that on many spatial tasks, sex differences are not significant and on some, under some conditions, sex differences are observed. I will discuss a task where reliable and fairly large sex differences are observed, the mental rotation of three-dimensional objects. My talk will look at some of the factors that may be involved in sex differences on this task, and we will consider what conclusions can legitimately be drawn. A fairly important - but small - part of the talk concerns the way in which small effects in the lab come to be talked about in terms of categorical generalizations.

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