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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Friday, 27th July 2007

The School seminar series will "officially" begin this Friday 27th July with a talk by Professor Ursula Hess from the University of Quebec at Montreal. The seminar will begin at 3pm in room 302 of the psychology building. The title and abstract for the seminar are below.
The face as canvas for emotional meaning: The case of angry women and happy men
In general, women are expected to show happiness more often and to experience more intense happiness; conversely men are expected to show
anger more often and to experience more intense anger. Further, men tend to be perceived as more dominant than women, whereas women are often expected to be more affiliative than men. A series of studies investigating the notion that gender stereotypic effects on emotion perceptions are partially mediated by facial appearance cues will be presented. Overall the studies demonstrate that what is generally described as an effect of a gender
stereotype, the attribution of anger to men and of happiness to women, is in fact to a substantial degree a facial appearance effect. The facial cues associated with perceived affiliation and dominance interact with expressive cues to produce perceptions of underlying emotional states that are congruent with stereotypical expectations.

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