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Psychonomic Seminar Series

Psychonomic Seminar Series
Friday, 3rd August 2007

The School of Psychology proudly presents:
The Psychonomic Seminar Series 2007
"Plucking the elusive kernel of truth from the swamp of ignorance using a small sieve called empiricism"
This Friday, at 3pm in room 304, the amazing Salvador Soto-Faraco will talk about:
"Integrating sensory modalities in the perception of motion"
There is increasing recognition of the importance that multisensory integration has in order to obtain accurate and coherent representations of the environment. Some of the classic demonstrations, such as the ventriloquist illusion and the McGurk effect, are based on the perceptual consequences of presenting conflicting information to different senses. However, these traditional lines of research have often focused on spatially static stimulation, in contrast with the highly dynamic nature of everyday life scenes. Here I review some work that we have done to address the contribution of multisensory integration to the perception of direction and speed of motion. Our initial studies show that motion direction judgments in one sensory modality (i.e, audition) can be strongly influenced by the direction of motion in other modalities (i.e., vision). As in other multisensory phenomena, these influences are not always bi-directional and extend to other modality combinations. Furthermore, I will present several lines of evidence to support the idea that the integration of motion information has a perceptual basis, and that it cannot be accounted for solely by the local interactions occurring at the level of static information (i.e., the ventriloquist illusion). I will try to draw some conclusions regarding the neural underpinnings of such interactions and, finally, will discuss the relevance of this research in the context of audiovisual media applications and virtual reality environments.
According to SalvadorsÂ’s until now unpublished biography:
Salvador completed his PhD on

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