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Org Psych Seminar Series

Org Psych Seminar Series
Wednesday, 5th September 2007

Motivation to lead, Motivation to follow. The role of the self-regulatory focus in leadership processes.
Ronit Kark
Bar-Ilan University
The effect of transformational and charismatic leaders on followers in organizational contexts has been shown to contribute to high levels of individual and organizational outcomes. Leadership effectiveness is often defined in terms of leaders_ ability to motivate followers. In the seminar I will be presenting a novel theoretical framework intended to gain an understanding of characteristics that affect the ability of leaders to become transformational and charismatic, as well as to understand how they are able to achieve their impact on their followers. The theoretical framework integrates recent theories of motivation and leadership that are focused on the self. The framework draws on self-regulatory focus theory and on self-concept based theories of leadership. I will also present preliminary findings from on-going studies we are conducting, which are aimed to test the theoretical framework, as well as discuss more generally future directions in the study of leadership and self.

Wednesday 5th September 4 - 5 PM
Room 306
Block 24a, McElwain Building
University of Queensland

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