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Social Psych Seminar Series

Social Psych Seminar Series
Wednesday, 29th August 2007

In a special out-of-sequence presentation, Wednesday the 29th in room 306 from 4-5pm, Dr. Evelin Lindner will speak on "New Developments in Psychology: Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies" (abstract below). Dr. Lindner combines training in clinical psychology and medicine with a broad social science research orientation and is currently a visitor at the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.
During our regular time slot, Friday the 31st at 3pm in room 302-3, Dr. Eric Vanman will speak on "The Social World of Avatars: The Promise of Immersive Virtual Environments Technology" (abstract also below).
New Developments in Psychology: Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
Dr. Evelin Lindner
This seminar is about humiliation, globalization, human rights, and dignity. The central question is the following: Could it be the case in a globalizing world in which people are increasingly exposed to human rights advocacy, that acts of humiliation and feelings of humiliation emerge as the most significant phenomena to resolve? This seminar suggests that this is the case. It claims that the citizens of this world share a common ground, namely a yearning for recognition and respect that connects them and draws them into relationships. The seminar argues that many of the observable rifts among people may stem from the humiliation that is felt when recognition and respect are lacking. The seminar proposes that only if the human desire for respect is cherished, respected, and nurtured, and if people are attributed equal dignity in this process, can differences turn into valuable diversities and sources of enrichment both globally and locally instead of sources of disruption.
Evelin G. Lindner is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary orientation. She holds two PhDs, one in medicine and another in psychology. Her book "Making Enemies: Humiliation and International Conflict" was published by

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