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Sports Psychology Seminar Series

Sports Psychology Seminar Series
Wednesday, 28th November 2007

UQ SPORT has partnered with the UQ Sport & Exercise Psychology Service to provide this opportunity to learn the secrets of Sport Psychology and how you can use it to increase performance. Through our partnership with the School of Human Movement Studies at the University of Queensland, UQ SPORT utilises the academics within the school and their associates to share the very latest research in Sport Psychology with the community. This is your opportunity to hear the universities leading academics in Sport Psychology share their knowledge.
Guest Speakers:
Prof. Stephanie Hanrahan BA, MSc, PhD
Dr Michael Kellmann DiplPsych
Dr Cliff Mallett BEd(BCAE), BA(Hons), PhD(Qld)
Tristan Coulter BSc(Hons), Grad Dip.Psych
Nathan Seefeld B.H.M.S. Dip.Psych, M.Psych.(Sport&Exercise)
The Psychology of Performance (26 Sept): Physical fitness and technique are not good enough for consistently good performance. Athletes need to also develop their psychological skills.
Mental Toughness (31 Oct): Resilience: it is inherent in champion athletes, but what is it? Learn to identify and develop the characteristics that make up the mentally tough athlete.
Parenting my Champion (28 Nov): Are you helping your child achieve their potential in their chosen sport? Focus on the skills and behaviours that positively influence your child's performance. Help them to be the very best that they can be.
In association with the School of Human Movement Studies, UQSPORT will offer a series of Sport Psychology Seminars to introduce athletes, coaches and H&PE Teachers to the benefits to performance the sports psychology can offer.For more information, contact Ian Cook or call (07) 3346 9875
Details for booking can be found at

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