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Social Psych Seminar Series

Social Psych Seminar Series
Friday, 9th November 2007

The social psychology seminar series will be hosting two talks this Friday November 9 in room 302-3 from 3-4. From 3-3:30, Emma Antrobus will be delivering her confirmation talk, titled "Perceptions of Children's Testimony in a Sexual Abuse Trial: the Effects of Pre-Trial Knowledge and Beliefs". Emma is supervised by Dr. Peter Newcombe. From 3:30 to 4, Laura Smith will be presenting on "The Power of Talk: Legitimizing Hostile Social Action". Laura is a PhD student visiting from the University of Exeter, and is supervised by Prof. Jolanda Jetten. I hope that everyone will be able to attend to provide feedback and support!

November 23, the social psych seminar series continues with a presentation by Dr. Valerie Stone.

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