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Social Psych Seminar

Social Psych Seminar
Friday, 15th February 2008

The social psych seminar series is off to an early start, this Friday, February 15th from 3-4pm in Room 302-3. Martijn van Zomeren, who is visting from VU University in Amsterdam, will present a talk titled "Toward an Integrative Social Identity Model of Collective Action: A Quantitative Research Synthesis of Three Socio-Psychological Perspectives" (abstract below). Hope to see you there!

Toward an Integrative Social Identity Model of Collective Action: A Quantitative Research Synthesis of Three Socio-Psychological Perspectives

Martijn van Zomeren, VU University, Amsterdam
Tom Postmes, University of Groningen University of Exeter
Russell Spears, Cardiff University
An integrative Social Identity Model of Collective Action (SIMCA) is developed which incorporates three socio-psychological perspectives on collective action. Three meta-analyses synthesized a total of 182 effects of perceived injustice, efficacy, and identity on collective action (corresponding to these socio-psychological perspectives). Results showed that, in isolation, all three predictors had medium-sized (and causal) effects. Moreover, results showed the importance of social identity in predicting collective action by supporting SIMCA`s key predictions that (a) affective injustice and politicized identity produced stronger effects than non-affective injustice and non-politicized identity, (b) identity predicted collective action against both incidental and structural disadvantages, whereas injustice and efficacy predicted collective action against incidental disadvantages better than against structural disadvantages, (c) all three predictors had unique medium-sized effects on collective action when controlling for between-predictor covariance, and (d) identity bridged the injustice and efficacy explanations of collective action. Results also showed more support for SIMCA than for alternative models reflecting previous attempts at

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