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Psychonomic Seminar Series

Psychonomic Seminar Series
Friday, 22nd February 2008

The Psychonomics Seminar Series 2008
"Beating back the tides of ignorance with a small spade called empiricism"

This Friday, at 3pm in room 302, we are pleased as punch to announce that Christoph Teufel will present a talk titled "Two-Year-Old Children's
Understanding of Visual Perception and Knowledge Formation in Others"

While extensive research has been conducted on the development of Theory of Mind in older preschoolers, the extent to which younger children have similar socio-cognitive abilities is still controversial. The focus of my research tackles the question of whether young children use their own mental first-person experience in order to understand mental third-person experience in the domain of visual perception and knowledge formation. I will report the results of two experiments that suggest that 2-year-old children have a mentalistic understanding of other people's visual perception itself but do not understand the crucial role of perceptual access for knowledge formation. The preliminary results of a third experiment suggest that at this age children have a behavioural rather than a mental theory of knowledge. I will discuss the implications of these findings for cognitive development as well as for comparative psychology.

Baron Hans Christoph von Teufel was born in 1657 and studied in Padua, Bologna, and Siena from 1585 to 1586. From 1607, until his death in 1624, Baron von Teufel served as a councillor to the Austrian imperial court treasury. To the best of my knowledge he is in no way related to Christoph Teufel, who hails from the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Cambridge and studies the development of cognition in young children.

Hope to see you there.

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