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Social Psych Seminar Series

Social Psych Seminar Series
Friday, 14th March 2008

The social psych seminar series contiues this Friday, March 14th, from 3-4pm in Room 302-3. Richard Ronay, who has recently joined UQ from UNSW, will present his research with Bill von Hippel on "The Evolution of Risk-Taking Behaviour in Young Males: Distal and Proximal Factors". Drinks and nibblies will follow from 4pm. Hope to see you there!

Following Richard's talk, the social seminar has an unusually long break, with our scheduled slots on March 28th and and April 25th cancelled because of the SASP conference and ANZAC day respectively. We resume Sat May 10th, with a special CRGP forum on research and practice in intervention campaigns, and Friday May 16th, with a presentation by Aisling O'Donnell from the University of Exeter (title TBA).

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