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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Wednesday, 21st May 2008

Tom Wallis will be presenting a talk on Wednesday from 12-1 in Room 317 titled "Moving objects can alter your consciousness". It will be an excellent talk and not to be missed! Abstract below.
Light hits the retina, where it is transduced from an electromagnetic into an electrochemical signal. Then a highly complicated and poorly understood process occurs, and we perceive the world around us in a seemingly consistent and stable way. I will discuss a situation in which the consistent and stable representation of the world appears to break down. Motion-induced blindness (MIB; Bonneh, Cooperman, & Sagi, 2001) occurs when stationary objects (dots) disappear intermittently from awareness when surrounded by motion signals (moving dots), despite remaining physically persistent on the retina. I will present data pertaining to some low-level visual determinants of MIB. This data suggests that MIB may be a striking example of a functional mechanism, motion deblurring, acting in a dysfunctional (but really cool) way when exposed to unnatural input.

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