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Psychonomics Seminar Series

Psychonomics Seminar Series
Friday, 8th August 2008

"Putting the finger on the excitement of empiricism"
This Friday, at 3pm in room 302, we are beside ourselves with excitement as we will gather to hear our very own Jason Tangen present a talk titled "On the role of similarity in matching fingerprints"
For over a century, the matching of fingerprints has been used for forensic identification. Despite that history, there have been no published, peer-reviewed studies directly examining the extent to which people can correctly match fingerprints to one another. The matching of latent fingerprints typically occurs in one of two contexts of item similarity: (1) following a search of a computer database for the most similar print images to the to-be-matched or target print, or (2) matching a target print to a set of likely matches (suspect and elimination prints). In the former context, hits are unlikely and the likelihood of false-positives is presumably high, whereas in the latter context, hits are quite likely with little expectation of false-positives (at least as a function of similarity). I will discuss the role of such intra- and inter-item similarity in a fingerprint matching task using both human observers and a pixel-based autoassociative neural-network simulation.

Although he has recently embarked on a career focused on examining the cognitive processes by which people evaluate causal relationships, Jason is perhaps best known world wide for his' croissant twirling prowess. Having won numerous bake offs in his' native Canada, Jason came to Australia to further establish his reputation in the upper echelon of the world's more renowned pastry chefs. He has undertaken to whip up a batch of fresh baked croissants for all who show the good taste to turn up this Friday afternoon.

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