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PhD Confirmation Seminar

PhD Confirmation Seminar
Thursday, 28th August 2008

Next Thursday 28th August Karen O’Brien will present her PhD confirmation seminar. All are welcome to attend.
Speaker: Karen O’Brien
Date: August 28th (Thursday)
Time: 2 pm
Location: McElwain 306
Talk title and abstract:

Can typically developing children positively influence the social and cognitive development of their siblings with autism?

Autism is a developmental neuropsychiatric disorder, with deficits present in communication, social behaviour and imagination. The social deficits present often limit the nature and amount of social interaction children with autism experience. Family members tend to be the people they interact with most frequently. Siblings have been found to be linked to increased skill in theory of mind, executive function and play behaviours in typically developing children. This research aims to clarify the role typically developing children play in the development of theory of mind, executive function, social and play skills in their siblings with autism. This talk presents some preliminary findings of a parental report questionnaire on the play behaviours of their child with autism, and proposes a study assessing the social and cognitive skills of children taken from the first study pool. A third study proposes a naturalistic play observational study of a subset of children from study 2 with their typically developing siblings.

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