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Psychonomics Seminar Series

Psychonomics Seminar Series
Friday, 11th March 2005

The School of Psychology, University of Queensland is proud to present:
"Canoeing up the river of knowledge to discover the lost tribe of ignorance
before wiping them out with the influenza of empiricism"
Friday 11 March (Rm 305, McElwain) sees the very first Psychonomic Seminar of 2005. Our dedicated team here at Psychonomic HQ have searched the globe to bring you the very finest scientific minds that human society can produce. Our first speaker, James Atkinson, was found floating out at sea in a discarded fridge, about eighty miles west of Ascension Island. Ignoring his repeated protests, our
team towed him back to Brisbane and, this Friday at 3pm in room 305, he will explain why left-handed people can appropriately be regarded as weird.
Hope to see you there,
Mark Horswill

How measures of Laterality moderate Cognitions in the prediction of

This talk will look at how Different measures of Laterality (Ear preference,
Dichotic Listening, Bisecting Lines) moderated various cognitions (e.g.
cognitions of sociability) in the predication of personality (e.g.,
Extraversion). One hundred first year psychology students were administered
various measures of personality (EPQ-R and NEO-FFI) and Laterality and were
then aurally presented with cognitions of sociability, anxiety,
applicability and attractiveness. The laterality measure of bisecting lines
was found to moderate cognitions of sociability in their prediction of the
personality factor Extraversion. Participants with a left bisection
preference experienced the intuitive relationship between cognitions of
sociability and Extraversion, with increases in cognitions of sociability
corresponding with increases in Extraversion. However, participants with a
right bisection preference experienced the counter-intuitive relationship of

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