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Organisational Psychology Seminar

Organisational Psychology Seminar
Tuesday, 14th October 2008

Dick de Gilder has kindly agreed to talk about his work on error management in organizations. Please join us from 4-5pm on Tuesday, 14th October in room 306.

Error management: how organizations deal with errors

Dick de Gilder, VU University, Amsterdam

I would like to give an overview of collaborative research on error management. Although errors are often described as opportunities for on-the-job learning, most organizations and employees find it difficult to learn from unsuccessful actions. In our research, we attempt to find out if organizations differ strongly with regard to basic assumptions about how to deal with errors, as well as how this ‘error culture’ affects individual and group learning, and even organizational performance. The findings of some qualitative and quantitative studies will be presented, thus allowing the audience to comment on whether our attempts are likely to be successful or not.

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