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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Friday, 24th October 2008

The school seminar series continues this Friday with a presentation by Dr Judith Reinhard, Qld Brain Institute.
DATE: Friday, 24 October
LOCATION: Room 302/303 McElwain, 3-4 pm
TITLE: Vision, olfaction, and memory: Lessons from the honeybee
The honeybee’s brain contains less than 1 million neurons, but this tiny insect nevertheless displays an impressive capacity for processing, learning and recalling environmental cues to orientate in its surroundings and successfully forage for food. Honeybees are able to discriminate between thousands of different odours, and form long-term memories of food sources associated with a particular scent. They easily learn colours, patterns and shapes of objects. Bees are also able to perform complex ‘cognitive’ tasks: they can categorize and group similar objects, learn rules, transfer rules to a new context, and master abstract inter-relationships. I will talk about some of the ‘cognitive’ performances honeybees are capable of, including selective attention and associative recall of visual and olfactory memories.
Dr Reinhard has a research background in invertebrate neuroscience and behavior. Following the award of her PhD from the University of Bayreurth, Germany, Dr Reinhard has held research positions at CSIRO Entomology (Canberra), CNRS Neurobiology (Marseille, France) and ANU. She has been a Senior Research Fellow at QBI since 2007.

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