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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
Friday, 18th March 2005

The School Seminar Series will kick off with two talks next week: one on Wednesday and the other at the usual time on Friday.
We have another good line up for this semester (see covering a wide range of topics.
I would like to particularly encourage postgraduate and honours students to come along to these events. The first talk in this year's series is at the special time of Wednesday the 16th of March at 10am, room 302 of the McElwain Building. Judy DeLoache, renowned for her work on early representational insight, will give this first presentation.
Professor Judy DeLoache
University of Virginia

The Pygmalion Problem in Early Symbol Use

In the first years of life, children take momentous steps toward mastering some important symbolic artifacts. They sometimes falter in those early steps, committing amusing mistakes in which they confuse symbols with the objects they represent. These missteps reveal much about the challenge and process of becoming symbol-minded.
Dinner: We will take Judy to dinner on Tuesday night, as she will be heading off after the talk. Let Gabrielle Simcock know if you would like to join in. The School will contribute to the costs.

The second seminar will be held on Friday the 18th of March, 3pm in room 302.
Dr Candace Konnert
University of Calgary

The Prevention of Depression in Nursing Home Residents

Dinner: We will take Candace to dinner after the talk. Please let Nancy Pachana know if you would like to join in. The School will contribute to the costs.

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