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Social Psychology Seminar 12 December 2008

Social Psychology Seminar 12 December 2008
Friday, 12th December 2008

Clara Kulich, University of Exeter:
Why women don't ask: The impact of gendered experiences on attitudes towards pay negotiation
Friday 12th December at 11am, in room 302-303.

In this work, we examine the underlying causes and the consequences of gender pay disparities in upper management by considering the organizational and social context. In a self-report survey with 180 UK and Austrian employees with managerial responsibilities we investigate gender similarities and differences in experiences with and attitudes towards pay and pay negotiations. No gender differences in attitudes about the importance of pay and other job characteristics were found. However, women perceived their pay to be less related to their accomplishments, and they were more likely to want to avoid negotiations compared to men. These distinct views were explained by women's experience that their pay was less fair, pay gains more difficult to achieve, and a higher fear of social costs if they ask for a pay rise compared to men. The importance of integrating gender differences in contextual factors (e.g, women's distinct experiences with pay) in the analysis of the reasons for the gender pay gap is discussed. Pressure of societal beliefs such as the conflict of gender and leader role stereotypes are considered to be influential in women's avoidance of pay negotiations and their decisions to 'opt out' of high paying jobs. Finally, we line out implications of our findings for the making women responsible for gender disparities by critically discussing the 'opt-out revolution' in upper management.

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