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PhD Confirmation Seminar

PhD Confirmation Seminar
Monday, 23rd February 2009

PhD Confirmation Seminar by Karyn Healy

Date: Monday the 23rd of February

Time: 12:00pm

Venue: The Parenting and Family Support Centre training room (SBS Building: 24, Room: s227)

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Sanders

PhD Confirmation Seminar Title: Intervening in Families of children Bullied by Peers

Abstract: Bullying is a serious issue affecting 1 in 10 Australian children on an almost daily basis. To date there has been a great deal of research on whole-school interventions, producing very modest results for frequently bullied children. There has been little research targeting victimized children and none including their families despite evidence that child social behavior and parenting strategies predict peer victimization of particular children. The proposed research explores child and family factors associated with peer victimization. It also trials an innovative intervention aimed at empowering children and their families to reduce ongoing bullying.

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