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School Seminar Series

School Seminar Series
3:00pm Friday, 1st May 2009
4:00pm Friday, 1st May 2009

The School is pleased to announce a School of Psychology seminar this Friday from Dr. Evan Kidd, La Trobe University.

TITLE: Exploring the interrelations between language and other symbolic domains in development

In this talk  I will present three studies that explore the interrelations between language and other symbolic domains. Study 1 considers the relationship between language, symbolic play, and graphic symbolism. Study 2 considers the role of symbolic play in the development of referential communication skills, and Study 3 investigates the role of gesture in language development. In each case I report interactions between language and other symbolic domains, suggesting that language development is better categorised as an interactive process that is not separate from development in other domains.


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