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Special School Seminar

Special School Seminar
Gordon Greenwood Room 211
2:00pm Thursday, 7th May 2009
3:00pm Thursday, 7th May 2009

The Centre for Organisational Psychology is hosting a visit by Steve Kozlowski from Michigan State University. As part of the visit, Steve will present a Special School Seminar as follows:

Enhancing Individual and Team Adaptation: Learning, Regulation, and Development
Steve W. J. Kozlowski
Department of Psychology
Michigan State University

A persistent observation across a broad sweep of organizational research is the rapid rate change in the workplace and the corresponding need for complex and adaptive capabilities for individuals, teams, and organizations. Over the last decade or so, my students, colleagues, and I have been examining the concept of performance adaptation - both conceptually and empirically - at multiple levels of the organizational system. In this presentation, I will trace key aspects of this stream of research, examining how we have examined regulatory processes that underlie learning and adaptation, how we have manipulated and enhanced those processes, and how we have extended the paradigm to examine team regulation. Time permitting; I will highlight the evolving directions of this line of work.

Biographical details
Steve is a Professor of Psychology at Michigan State University. Steve's research focuses on the processes by which individuals, teams, and organizations learn, develop, and adapt. His current theory development and research activities center on three interrelated areas: Active learning, self-regulation, and training; team learning, regulation and adaptive performance; and team leadership, development, and adaptability. He is currently the editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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