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Social Psychology Seminar

Social Psychology Seminar
3:00pm Friday, 8th May 2009
5:00pm Friday, 8th May 2009

This Friday at 3pm in Rm 302-3, there will be a social psychology seminar on "Moral Dimensions of Humanness: Blaming, praising and protecting our humanity" by Dr. Brock Bastian.

Dr. Bastian is a post-doctoral fellow working out of the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, with Prof. Jolanda Jetten in psychology.  His PhD research was conducted at Melbourne University in collaboration with Nick Haslam.

Following this Friday's presentation, the social psychology seminar series will continue on Monday May 18th, when Professor James Liu from Victoria University of Wellington will give an out-of-sequence presentation from 3-4 in room 202 (Title TBA).

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