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Confirmation Seminar

Confirmation Seminar
1:00pm Friday, 29th May 2009
2:00pm Friday, 29th May 2009

Kingsley Fletcher will be presenting his confirmation seminar on Friday
29th of May at 1pm in the Key Centre meeting room (Rm 109 McElwain).
Title and abstract are below.

Towards a Computational Compensatory Control Model of Mental Workload

The assessment of the demands of mental work has received attention in the psychological literature since the early 1960s (Gopher & Donchin, 1986). Considerable progress has been made in terms of both theoretical understanding and measurement techniques, and it has become clear that mental workload is a multi-dimensional construct. What is less clear,
however, is the nature of the relationships between the various dimensions of the human response to increased task demands (Hockey, 2008). Several descriptive models have been proposed which qualitatively outline how the elements of mental workload interact, but these have not yet been developed to a level that would allow a quantitative representation. My research program aims to produce a computational representation of an existing qualitative model, and measure the ability of the model to fit empirical data of within-person responses to
changing task demands. The studies will use Royal Australian Navy Air Picture Supervisors (APS) performing a realistic simulation of APS duties. Behavioural, self-report and physiological measures of affective and motivational processes will be collected while participants perform
the simulation. Growth curve modelling will be used to test a model of compensatory control at the within and between person levels of analysis.

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