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Psychonomics Seminar Series

Psychonomics Seminar Series
Friday, 8th April 2005

The School of Psychology, University of Queensland is proud to present:
“The leather jackboot of science crushing the oppressed masses of
ignorance with the hammer of enlightenment”
This week, at 3pm on Friday in room 304, we are very pleased to welcome
Dr Malcolm Mills to the School. Dr Mills is a lecturer in Neurosciences
at the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern Queensland.
He will talk on:
“EEG and Skilled Motor Activity: Cars, Piano and Space Invaders!”
Dr Mills did his first degree in Medical Biochemistry in the UK at Kent
University, and his PhD at Newcastle University studying Melatonin, the
Pineal and Stress.
Here is a sypnosis of his current research interests:
My current research is focused on skilled motor learning, and I have
completed three studies looking at computer game, driving simulator and
piano playing skill acquisition. I have found significant changes in
the sensory motor cortex in the alpha frequency range with task and
learning. More interesting is the negative correlation in the Cz motor
cortical area to measures of skill, and even more interesting is the
paradoxical change to positive correlation with other learning
paradigms. Studies with fMRI would usefully locate this area more
precisely, enabling trans-cranial magnetic stimulation to selectively
and reversibly inactivate it, and so potentially improve performance.
This would have useful implications with ADD subjects and should be a
fundable project. The driving simulation studies are planned to have
follow-up investigations with the effects of alcohol and mobile phone us
on this brain/performance correlation centre, for which I expect funding
to be quite likely from one of the various road safety institutions as
well as commercial support from motor sport (racing) organisations. I

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