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Public Lecture Series

Public Lecture Series
6:30pm Thursday, 13th August 2009
7:30pm Thursday, 13th August 2009

The School is very pleased to alert you to the first lecture of our new School of Psychology Public Lecture Series. This lecture series is designed to bring innovative ideas and engaging speakers to the University and the wider community.

Our first speaker, Bob G. Knight, Ph.D. is the Merle H. Bensinger Professor of Gerontology and Professor of Psychology at the Andrus Gerontology Center, University of Southern California, USA. Bob is an acclaimed researcher in clinical psychology, having published numerous articles and books on interventions for late-life depression, mental health policy and training in clinical psychology. He is newly appointed as an honorary professor in the School of Psychology at UQ, and is an international affiliate of the UQ Ageing Mind Initiative (

Bob will be speaking about an exciting new direction his research has taken, namely with ageing and the acquisition of wisdom. It is widely believed that wisdom comes with age, but not all older adults are wiser. Many older adults become adept at handling life's challenges, yet barriers to ageing abound, including ageism, physical changes and mental health concerns.

We would love to see a large turn-out of alumni from the School of Psychology at this event. It is a topic sure to invoke much thoughtful discussion afterwards.

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