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Special School Seminar

Special School Seminar
3:00pm Friday, 21st August 2009
4:00pm Friday, 21st August 2009

The School is pleased to announce a School of Psychology seminar this Friday from Prof. Michael Lambert, Susa Young Gates Distinguished Professor of Clincial Psychology at Brigham Young University.

TITLE: What the last 25 years of research has taught us about what works in psychotherapy

A century of research on the effects of psychotherapy has been conducted on thousands of patients seen by thousands of providers. Outcomes across a variety of disorders have been measured from a variety of viewpoints and thousands of assessment devices covering symptomatic disturbances, interpersonal functioning, and social role dysfunction. The results of this research suggests that 40-60% of patients return to a state of normal functioning. These effects can be achieved efficiently with 50% of patients returning to normal functioning within 20 sessions of treatment. Outcomes surpass those achieved with the passing of time and a variety of placebo controls. The largest contributor to positive outcomes is the patient (mainly degree of disturbance), followed by the non-theoretical contributions of the therapist (mainly through a positive relationship characterized by empathy, respect, ,and acceptance). Specific techniques are implicated under certain circumstance but are probably over regarded as curative.  The outcomes of treatment are largely maintained .  Maximum benefits for patients are attained when their treatment response is monitored on a regular basis and altered if the patient is not responding as expected.


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