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Aging Clients PD Workshop

Aging Clients PD Workshop
James Birrell Room, The University of Queensland Staff and Graduates Club, St Lucia Campus, UQ
8:30am Saturday, 21st November 2009
5:00pm Saturday, 21st November 2009

An aging population is currently being reflected in the client base of practicing psychologists with many experiencing increasing referrals of clients from the older adult population. Late-life anxiety and depression present a variety of challenges for clinicians. These disorders are difficult to differentiate from medication effects and medical illnesses in those over age 65. Evidence-based treatments, particularly for anxiety, have lagged behind those for depression. Recently a series of reports on efficacious treatments have appeared (Ayer et al., 2007; Mohlman et al., 2004; Stanley et al., 2003). These include treatments in emerging fields of interest for psychologists in Australia, such as primary care. This workshop introduces clinicians to the epidemiology, assessment tools and strategies, and hands on experience with intervention strategies for common presenting anxiety and depressive symptoms in older adults, including from published work of the presenter (Pachana et al., 2007).

By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will:

  1. be able to recognise, assess and treat common presentations of late-life depression and anxiety in older populations;
  2. be updated on current knowledge of assessment and treatment of depression and anxiety in later life;
  3. have learnt evidence based strategies for the assessment and treatment of depression and anxiety in older populations;
  4. see an experienced clinician talk through and demonstrate techniques, and have the opportunity to discuss how these strategies fit into one's own practice.


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