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Special Seminar

Special Seminar
Room 302 McElwain Building
3:00pm Friday, 13th November 2009
4:00pm Friday, 13th November 2009

The School is pleased to announce a SPECIAL School of Psychology seminar this week from Professor Keyan Tomaselli, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

TITLE: (Re-)Mediatizing HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Written from a partly autoethnographic perspective, this paper investigates current and past South African government stances on HIV/AIDS, grounding them in their larger political and ideological contexts, and examining the broader repercussions. A comparative analysis of South Africa's loveLife and STEPS interventions problematizes the self-branding used by loveLife in favour of the uplifting and humanizing message of STEPS. The author highlights the dangers of favoring AIDS solutions seeped in racial and cultural discourse over scientific ones, and calls for the country's current HIV/AIDS strategy to be ‘(re)-mediatised' in terms of its local and global representations.  The idea of sham reasoning is discussed in relation to the generation of pseudo-scientific discourses.


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