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Room 306, Building 24A
3:00pm Tuesday, 13th April 2010
4:00pm Tuesday, 13th April 2010

Dr. Chris Sibley from the University of Auckland's Department of Psychology will present on "The BIAS Treatment Scale (BIAS-TS): A Multi-Dimensional Measure of Perceived Discrimination and Facilitation". Chris' talk will be followed by refreshments from 4-5pm.

The BIAS Treatment Scale (BIAS-TS): A Multi-Dimensional Measure of Perceived Discrimination and Facilitation 

I present a self-report measure of perceived discrimination and facilitation. The BIAS Treatment Scale (BIAS-TS) is derived from the Behaviors from Intergroup Affect and Stereotypes (BIAS) Map, and assesses the subjective experience of Active Harm, Passive Harm, Active Facilitation, and Passive Facilitation. The BIAS-TS provides a reliable, replicable, and stable index of these four dimensions (Studies 1 and 2). BIAS-TS subscales were uniquely associated with concurrent subjective wellbeing, and were distinct from personality, ideology, and race-based rejection sensitivity (Studies 3 and 4). The BIAS-TS also provided novel support for the subordinate-male target hypothesis proposed by Social Dominance Theory (Study 5).



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