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UQ Scholar Series

UQ Scholar Series
McElwain Building, Room 317
4:00pm Tuesday, 20th April 2010
5:00pm Tuesday, 20th April 2010

On Tuesday, 20 April we'll have a discussion with John McLean, where he'll discuss "Daydreaming in University Lectures" 

"You know you do it. I know you do it. I suspect you may not realise just how much you do it. Sophie Lindquist (PhD student) and I have been watching and measuring daydreaming and its correlates in lectures. Along the way we've even observed that I do it - while I'm lecturing!  How embarrassing... There is reason to suspect that both lecture style and technology influence daydreaming—for better and worse—so I hope to learn some of your views about where we should go in lectures as well as telling you about what we are finding so far. And don't worry - if our session gets boring you are almost certain to launch off into daydreams!"

As usual, tasty snacks will be included, so be sure to arrive a bit early!

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